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Street Shots

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monday, may 15, 2017

How Chies perfectly match my world…
Style is all around passion!
Yellow fever…love it!

monday, may 15, 2017

thursday, april 20, 2017

My collection! Due to wear and tear I’ve thrown some, so they are not in the picture! I’ve been purchasing them for several years!

thursday, april 6, 2017

I hope someday She enjoy them as much as I do.

friday, march 31, 2017

Thank you Chie Mihara and your team !

Tatiana from France
monday, march 27, 2017

Nothing more comfortable to travel and reach another continent with a good start. At Barajas Airport waiting for my flight.

Thank you Chie Mihara for your design and comfort.

I am happy,
monday, march 27, 2017

From Belgium,
thursday, march 2, 2017

I discovered your shoes ‘ Brand many years ago by the recommendation of a good friend from Elda. Since then I pop up into the store, several times a year and discover treasures. I like to try them on all and see how comfortable and different they are from the actual design trends, attractive and colorful. They remind me of my own work. Here a picture of the boots I have been wearing this winter.

monday, february 27, 2017

Thank you for making my special day even more special :)

monday, february 27, 2017

Wearing my favourite shoe brand at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens , Greece.

Thank you for your inspirational designs.

With kind regards,
thursday, february 9, 2017

More and more in love with my shoes…
Greetings and kisses from Naples.

monday, february 6, 2017

Special shoes for a special day.

monday, february 6, 2017

From Russia with love.

wednesday, january 4, 2017

Just added my new beautiful BRI-ITU Red to my collection. thank U🙂 for your beautiful creations❣❣❣
wednesday, january 4, 2017

Buon Anno!
Angela - Zagarolo (RM)
thursday, december 15, 2016

a Chie fan adorned her tree with her shoes!
thursday, november 10, 2016

Dear Chie Mihara Team,

attached pictures of my wedding shoes!!!! They were just great, sooooo comfortable.
I danced the whole night without changing shoes!

Thanks for making great shoes.
Kind Regards
monday, november 7, 2016

It has taken me more than 18 years to close the circle.
I dreamed of a jacket then and today I received the perfect shoes for it.

Thank you,
monday, october 31, 2016

My first Chie Mihara. Thanks Rafa. I love you

And thank you for your inspiration Chie.

tuesday, october 25, 2016

Good morning Mrs. Mihara. Your designs have inspired me.

friday, october 21, 2016

Paola e Alessandra
monday, october 17, 2016

friday, october 14, 2016
thursday, october 13, 2016

I knew right away what I wanted to wear for my best friends wedding but I couldn't find any fun shoes to go with it. Luckily, my dressmaker suggested looking for Chie Mihara shoes. A match made in heaven! (... and no blisters!) Thank you!

Petra, Switzerland
thursday, october 13, 2016

Loving my Chie’s around the streets of Sydney, Australia...

tuesday, october 11, 2016

My lovely CHIE MIHARA’ shoes for a lovely day!

friday, september 30, 2016

Peonies, stripes and Chie Mihara.

Sara, Italy
thursday, september 29, 2016

Evy (Belgium)
wednesday, september 28, 2016

My beautiful collection Chie.

tuesday, september 27, 2016

My feet are very happy!!!
And so am I :)

I would like to thank you for all your efforts.
Hope you have (had) a great weekend!

All the best,