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Staff pictures

monday, october 19, 2015
Summer dinner
Our summer dinner before going on vacation, at Quinta Lacy!
thursday, december 12, 2013
We wish you...Happy Holidays!!!
friday, october 18, 2013
Rosa is getting married tomorrow!!
Our colleague Rosa is getting married Tomorrow !! We had a nice snack to celebrate it ;-)
Wish her lots of happiness !!
thursday, december 27, 2012
Merry Xmas!!!!!!!
monday, december 19, 2011
Merry X'stmas & Happy 2012!!!!!!!!
friday, august 12, 2011
Last night...
...was our summer dinner before going on vacation! You can see that we had a great time! After a delicious meal we played games wearing fun hats, wigs and head bands. Eight winners with prizes from hotel, spas and a pair of shoes made this game really fun!

Vacation is right around the corner!
Vanessa, José María and Mariola
MªJosé, Tomi and Vanessa
Pilar, Fran and Rosa
Chie, Ana and Mariola
José Manuel, Arianna and Arcadio
Vanessa and Raquel
Vanessa, Marisol and Rosa
Arcadio and Chie
thursday, march 24, 2011
Yesterday we celebrated our birthday, Vanessa (32) and I (43).

Vanessa and her daughter made these cakes! The shoe cake was really cute!

As we say in spanish: "que cumplas muchos más y que yo los vea!"
Means: "hope you make many more years and that I see them!"
wednesday, january 5, 2011
Xmas Dinner 2010!!
Here are some pictures from our Xsmas dinner and party!!
Its a great time to get together and talk about other things than work!

After we had a party with our DJ (Jose Manuel, sales)…he really is a DJ some weekends at clubs!

We ate, laughed, danced, sang… A GREAT TIME WITH MY TEAM!!
Vanessa, Mariola and Arianna
Rosa, Pilar and Ana
José Manuel, looking dangerous!
José Manuel and Arcadio
Chie and Francisco
MªPilar, look who's hidding!!
Raquel and Chie
Francisco and José Manuel
Mariola and Vanessa
Jesús, Arcadio and Rosa
Fran and Arcadio
From left to right, Pilar, Ana and Vanessa. Vanessa loves karaoke!
Mari, Toñi and Jesús
From left to right, Xavi, Mariola, Pilar, Rosa, Mari, Arcadio, Fran , Arianna, MªPilar, Ana, Raquel, Francisco and Chie!

End year's party at Chie Mihara! We all enjoyed getting together! No shoe talk! Just dancing, drinking and having a good time!

wednesday, december 15, 2010
Chie Mihara team wish you a merry christmas!
From left to right: Mariola, Pilar, Raquel, Vanessa, Chie, Rosa, Ana, Arianna, Maria Jose and Maria Pilar.

From left to right first line up: Arcadio, Francisco and Jose Manuel. Middle line: Jose Maria, Pepe and Santiago. On the floor: Fran and Xavi.
monday, september 20, 2010
Our dinner...
...before going to summer vacations!
Pilar and Rosa
Arcadio and Fran
Ana and Marta
José Manuel
Francisco and Rosa
Raquel, MªJosé and José Manuel
Playing "The Oca"! A typical spanish game!

1rst went to MªPilar
2nd went to Ana
3rd went to José Manuel

The prizes were a nice weekend in a hotel with spa!
friday, june 18, 2010
Francisco and Ana birthday
Today in the office we have celebrated the birthday of Francisco and Ana!
monday, march 22, 2010
this is Fran (patternmaker and technical) dressed like a whitch on my birthday!!
thursday, december 24, 2009
christmas 2010
this was the X´smas card from our office. Raquel was just starting her internship with us and I gave this little project to her...she´s good, don´t you think??
friday, december 18, 2009
Christmas dinner!
we went to a dinner party here in our town. We always have a great time when we get together outside work...actually I am very proud of having such great people in my staff!! love you all!!
with Francisco, my husband
Arcadio, Fran and me
Rosa and Ana
Vanessa, Mariola and José Manuel
Pepe and Rosa, both are in quality control and delivery dates. They make sure the shoes get ontime to the client...they are almost all day in factory.
friday, december 18, 2009
Christmas party!
we needed some time like this!
monday, september 21, 2009
At Micam fair in Milan
at Milan fair...Rosana, Mariola, Verónica and Valeria
wednesday, december 24, 2008
Christmas picture 2009!
we had just moved to the new office and this was the first time we used the salon area for X´mas picture.