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Factory pictures

wednesday, october 30, 2013
The soles
The sole factory is an essential part for our manufacturing process. Our leather soles and stacked heels come from here. It seems something basic and without imagination, but it's completely something else. There are many different cutters, bezels, finishes, colors, etc....

It’s a millimeters’ world !!

Adjustment of a wedge sole
Technicians tools
To adjust the sole, we use a clear plastic and copy the perimeter.
Pattern soles with all the technical data, about material, last, type of heel cap

The rubber is injected in our soles to prevent slipping !

Here are the stacked heel ready to be shined, there are placed in these foams to avoid damage during preparation or transportation.
monday, september 3, 2012
My Visit with Chie Mihara: The Factory by Rachel
Rachel visited our studio and our Factory. Here are some photos she made herself in the factory. And that’s her web site:

After meeting at Chie Mihara’s studio, I was elated to get whisked away for an in-depth tour of her family owned factory. First, we entered a huge room filled with bolts of leather and suede in every color imaginable and bins overflowing with shoe forms, soles, and heels for countless styles. This room housed all the materials needed for making the beautiful Chie Mihara shoes that we know and love, but at that point I still had no idea how much work brings these gems into fruition. Rosa, Chie’s director of quality control, led me through the factory, stopping at each station to explain the entire process. From cutting out patterns, shaping the leather over a shoe form, nailing heels in place, gluing in cushy insoles, punching holes for laces, touching up paint, adding decorative details, quality inspection to packing the finished product into the signature hot pink tissue paper, there is never a dull moment in the factory. The men and women who work hard to make each pair of shoes were happy and upbeat while listening to music and chatting. They also seemed pretty amused to have their photos snapped by curious little me!
There must be well over one hundred steps and just as many hands necessary for making the perfect shoe. All of this care and precision truly makes the quality of Chie Mihara’s collection so outstanding and unique. I have to say, I loved Chie long before visiting her studio and factory, but now I love her so much more!
wednesday, february 23, 2011
Doen style
Do you want to see how this shoe was made? take a look!
wednesday, december 22, 2010
The Factory at Christmas!!!
friday, november 12, 2010
...the new spring-summer 2011!
The other day I was in the factory and thought that would be interestig to show you the last part of the manufacturing process! This is the new spring- summer 2011, very soon it will be in the shops!
monday, july 12, 2010
Sewing Team
The other day I was in the factory with the sewing team. They had prepared this great snack! They are responsible for one of the processes of the footwear that requires a lot of patience and skill! You can see that they are all women!!
With Pilar and Carmen. Carmen is in charge of the section.
Mari, Rosana, Zulema and Sole
Nieves, Conchi, Toñi, Damiana, Luisa, Pilar and Lola
Nieves, Conchi, Toñi, Lola and Damiana
Zulema and Rosana
tuesday, april 13, 2010
visit to the factory
Hand cutting the leather
Precise cut...
skiving the edges
Assembling and sewing
Need so much patience...
Heat molding the back part
fixing the toe cap
heat premolding the toe shape
Lasting the front part of shoe
hand lasting the instep
sanding of the leather after lasting
railling the heel
cutting offthe linning excess
it´s like a finish make up
Placing carefully the sock
a lady cleaning the glue on the edge of the sole
Some leathers are more delicate..
cutting the wood stick to hold the shape
uff¡¡ finally in the box¡¡
here it goes¡¡